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1 <br />1 <br />@ @ITEM 2002 -01 -10 City Council Minutes <br />Mayor Walter W. Parker called the January 10, 2002 City Council meeting to <br />order and welcomed the newly elected officials. The following members of Council were <br />present: James G. Burke, Jr., Jack Youmans, Jason Buelterman, Walter Crawford, Jr., <br />Whitely Reynolds and Richard Barrow. City Manager Tom Cannon and City Attorney <br />Edward Hughes were present. <br />Deacon Eddie Atkins gave the invocation, which was followed by the Pledge of <br />Allegiance. <br />The first visitor to address Council was Henry Levy. Levy gave an update and a <br />little history on the Park of the 7 Flags and said the plans will be submitted to Atlanta for <br />approval and then out to bid. Levy told Council Charlie Waggoner has 15 of the benches <br />and 2 flag poles donated so far. Levy also addressed Council on the Toll Road issue <br />stating that the Planning Commission has recommended a study. This study would cost <br />between $50 to $100 thousand. <br />Bernie Goode requested permission to hold a Volksmarch on Tybee allowing <br />dogs on the beach for that one day, January 27. Goode said he has already discussed this <br />with Cannon. <br />Bill Lovett addressed Council on the issue of a change order for the Waste Water <br />Treatment Plan in the amount of $193,000 to replace the separating wall that is falling in. <br />Mallory Pearce requested that Council not to re -enact the Weed Ordinance. <br />Reynolds said that he would like to look at this ordinance closer, there has to be an easier <br />way to enforce. <br />Sallie Keller questioned the designated historic district stating that she had no <br />notification of any change. The city was supposed to set up workshops, make guidelines <br />and educate the public before any action. Nothing has been done. Hughes answered that <br />at Youmans request he investigated and the City has not designated any districts. Hughes <br />told Keller she might be in the Federal Historic District. Keller asked who applied? <br />Hughes answered anybody can request to be placed on the Federal Historic District, <br />maybe the Historical Society or the consultant. DNR is mailing a list of owners that were <br />notified. Crawford said he speaks in favor of what Keller said, there are 3 historic <br />districts on Tybee, but not by local legislation, a large majority of citizens registered <br />discontent, this concerns a lot of people. Jim Kluttz told Council that there are 3 historic <br />districts on Tybee: Fort Screven in the early 80's; the Strand and Back River about 3 <br />years ago. The Historical Society hired a consultant, who has long ties to Tybee, had a <br />public hearing, did inventory of structures to document historical value. Kluttz said there <br />is a process that you must go through, to Atlanta then to D.C. The purpose of being on <br />the National Register is recognition and possible tax breaks, it does not affect anybody. <br />Crawford said that less than 20 people showed up for the public hearing, people living in <br />the areas need to have an opportunity to say how they feel. Kluttz said there is some <br />confusion and it needs to be straightening out. Hughes said he will provide Council <br />information that he gets from DNR. Crawford said Hughes will get to the bottom of it. <br />Billy Dalzel told Council that he petitioned for a minor subdivision. A note on <br />the recorded plat would state no building permit until house is removed. Was told this <br />was approved. Dalzel said this has turned in to a grand mess and to please take a look <br />and grant whatever I need in order to sell the lot. Hughes said that the November minutes <br />