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1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />@ @ITEM 2002 -03 -14 City Council Minutes <br />Mayor ProTem Walter Crawford called the regular March 14, 2002 Council to <br />meeting to order at 7:10 P.M. with the following members of Council present: James <br />Burke, Jack Youmans, Whitley Reynolds, Jason Buelterman and Richard Barrow. <br />Interim City Manager Jimmy Brown and City Attorney Edward Hughes were present. <br />Father John Fitzpatrick gave the invocation, which was followed by the Pledge of <br />Allegiance. <br />Kathryn Williams made two announcements: Earth Day Beach Sweep, April 13th, <br />10 A.M., at the Pavilion and the Marine Science Center 1st Auction on April 20th at City <br />Hall. <br />Jim Kluttz asked if now was the time to address the Lighthouse issue. Crawford <br />answered that any discussion on the Lighthouse will be tabled until after a meeting with <br />GSA. <br />Pat Locklear said that he was glad to hear that but he wanted to address the <br />widening of Highway 80. Locklear requested that Council leave out the number of lanes <br />in the resolution. <br />Crawford read the Proclamation for Scottish Heritage week and one to honor Iva <br />Hunter Edmonds on her 90th birthday on March 26, 2002. Council also accepted <br />proclamation for All Georgia Reads Month, Mule Deer Awareness Day — March 16 and <br />the Eighth Infantry Final reunion held on March 9, 2002. <br />Pro Tem Crawford opened, asked for comments and closed the following public <br />hearing according to the law. <br />Mr. Allen Ratner presented Council with his request for a setback variance on <br />Butler side of his property located at 12 Ninth Street, PIN 4- 6 -3 -15, in order to place a set <br />of stairs. Ratner said that he did a survey of 200 feet and all other houses are closer than <br />he proposes and trees will cover the stairs from the public view. Community <br />Development Director Elizabeth Hodges said this is the second time for a variance <br />request and that the Planning Commission and the City staff both recommends denial. <br />It was noted that the stairs should have been included in the original design; the variance <br />would be 8 feet into the 20 -foot setback. <br />Charlie Goode presented Council with a petition from Susan Invenianato for a <br />variance for extension of non - conforming structure at 33 9th Street, PIN 4- 5 -24 -6. The <br />existing house sits nearly on the lot line on the south side and there is a patio on the west <br />side. Hodges said the Planning Commission and the staff recommends approval. <br />Arthur Handy requested a variance for an extension of a non - conforming structure <br />located at 603 15th Street, PIN 4- 10 -2 -9. Handy said he would extend the wall 4 inches <br />into the setback and that this house was built in 1950. They will add a seconded story <br />and enclose a porch. Hodges said Handy is correct, this will be a mother -in -law living <br />area and will not be rented to the public. <br />Shirley Sessions presented Council with a petition for special review for a bed <br />and breakfast at 1206 Venetian Drive, PIN 4- 11 -1 -16. Sessions said it will be only one <br />bedroom and that she meets all the parking requirements. Hodges said the Planning <br />Commission and the staff recommend approval. The next door resident said no parking <br />