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1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />@ @ITEM 2002 -05 -09 City Council Minutes <br />Mayor Pro Tem Walter Crawford called the meeting to order at about 7:10 P.M. <br />The following members of Council were present: James Burke, Jack Youmans, Whitley <br />Reynolds, Jason Buelterman and Richard Barrow. Crawford read a letter to all from <br />Mayor Parker stating that he was meeting with key personnel in Washington, D.C. on the <br />beach renourishment issues. Interim City Manager Jimmy Brown and City Attorney <br />Edward Hughes were also present. <br />Deacon Eddie Akins gave the invocation, which was followed by the Pledge of <br />Allegiance. Bob Thomson the new City Manager was introduced. Crawford said that the <br />Mayor and the Council selected Bob Thomson. <br />Walter Crawford asked that he be allowed to address the public on a personal <br />matter. Crawford said that the Savannah Morning News quoted directly as I spoke to <br />them and he publicly apologizes to all the citizens of Tybee Island. Crawford told the <br />audience that his mother told him that if he ever did it again that she would wash his <br />mouth out with soap and he does not doubt that she would. <br />Carolyn Jones addressed Council on the Jaycee Park Playground asking that <br />Council set aside $50,000 by Resolution in case the funds are needed. Jones said that the <br />entire cost would be $75,000 but that she plans on getting funds donated and a lot of <br />volunteers to help bring this together. Barrow asked if you plan to raise the funds you <br />still would want Tybee to set aside the money. Jones answered yes. Jones explained that <br />Savannah has a lot of industry and that she plans on getting donations from them and that <br />if she get enough money from donors then she would not need the Tybee funds. Jones <br />said Jaycee Park is a perfect place for this type of playground equipment. <br />Mary Ingalls could not appear tonight and Council directed Interim City Manager <br />Brown to talk with Ingalls about the legal aspects. <br />Soozie Moore gave Council a summary of all the programs being offered by the <br />YMCA. <br />George and Mary Chandler spoke to Council on the float stand and surf boarding <br />issues. Chandler said that in January he gave the City a check for $900.00 for the three <br />spaces that he rents his floats from every year. He said that the check cleared the bank. <br />Chandler told Council that one of his location is not printed out in the ordinance, 18th <br />Street. Chandler showed Council the body board that he rents out from his stands; he <br />also stated that surfboards have never been allowed to be rented off the beach. At 18th <br />Street there are jetties and also no lifeguard on duty. Crawford told Chandler that he was <br />good for 2002. Hughes said Chandler had already paid for his float stand locations <br />before Council froze issuing any more during their January meeting. And he will not be <br />affected by the ordinance this year. Youmans asked Hughes if the 18th Street location <br />could be added to the ordinance tonight when it comes before Council for a vote. <br />Attorney Tom Devaney spoke for Dr Owen about the application for renting <br />surfboards on the beach at 17 Street. Chandler said that it would interfere with his <br />business. Devaney said that he believes that surfboards are part of the ordinance on <br />beach rental equipment, this is something new for Tybee and the boards would be rented <br />by the day or by the hour. Owens said he plans to have instructors on duty. Buelterman <br />asked if there was an age limit. Owens answered that if not old enough then the Dad <br />