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1 <br />1 <br />5. Crawford said that he contacted the City of Savannah and Chatham County and they <br />uphold covenants of registered subdivisions. This information has been shared with the <br />Mayor and Council and the City Attorney and Crawford will ask for adoption of an <br />ordinance. Crawford said he is interested in the protection of all people on Tybee Island. <br />Crawford said that during open meeting he will ask Council to table this issue until a <br />Public Forum can be held in order to get full and complete input from the public. <br />Gail Greene, 501 D Miller petitioned Council to sell her the unopened portion of <br />5th Avenue stating it is just marsh and would like to keep it natural. Hughes said that <br />Council has not sold any city owned property; there are a lot of non - matching surveys all <br />over the island. <br />Jim Kluttz asked if all 6 zoning amendment will be tabled. Crawford answered <br />that the Council could talk about some of them like the commercial zones. Kluttz asked <br />all or some. Parker said there is so much discussion and rumors. Crawford said it would <br />be best to table all. <br />Michael Bernstein petitioned Council to purchase a 250 -foot by 60 foot unopened <br />street that he has maintained for the past 12 years. Hughes said that there is a letter from <br />him to establish the format. A survey should be submitted to the Clerk of Council, she <br />will give copies to the Mayor and Council. Bernstein asked about the appraisals. <br />Crawford answered guidelines have been set, the petitioner will bear the expense if the <br />City feels like it is interested in selling the property. Mayor and Council will determine <br />what the land is worth. <br />Kathryn Williams requested Council to table any decisions on the sale of any city <br />owned property stating that we need green space all over the island and that these vacant <br />areas help with the drainage problems. Williams also spoke of her concerns about he <br />zoning changes that Council will address tonight. Williams said that the city should look <br />at the Master Plan. <br />Mallory Pearce told Council that the Master Plan needs revising, that the City <br />needs an experienced planner, look at how it would affect density, and the infrastructure <br />(drainage and water sewer) needs to be studied. Pearce said Peter Maye of EPD is the <br />person to call for insight. Pearce said people want to protect their way of life and that <br />public workshops are needed with maximum input from the citizens. <br />Susan Owen Cary said that people are Tybee's biggest assets, and that we need to <br />get back to what Tybee is all about and quit the bickering. <br />Mayor Parker opened the meeting for business legally presented. Crawford <br />moved to adopt the consent agenda Burke seconded. Water Treatment Plant Change <br />order #3 Landscape $10,727 and Fence $11,345: Architectural Firm for the Guard <br />(Community) House: Minutes of May 7 and 9 council meetings: GMA Deferred Comp: <br />CEMA Statewide Mutual Aid and Assistant Agreement: Price Communication Wireless <br />name change: Tybee Light pins: Olsen to start bidding process. Vote by Council was <br />unanimous. <br />Mayor Parker opened, asked for comments and closed the following public <br />hearing according to the law. Burke moved to table Zoning Text Amendments Section 4- <br />050 Commercial Districts; Section 3 -090 Schedule of Development and a Zoning Map <br />Amendments. Crawford seconded. Vote by Council was 5 in favor (Burke, Reynolds, <br />Crawford, Buelterman and Barrow); opposed (Youmans). Hughes said certain Council <br />members should not speak because some overlap. Crawford said there was <br />