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1 <br />@ @ITEM 2002 -08 -08 City Council Minutes <br />Mayor Walter W. Parker called the August 8, 2002 regular Council to order at 7 <br />P.M. The following members of Council were present: James Burke, Jack Youmans, <br />Whitley Reynolds, Walter Crawford, Jason Buelterman and Richard Barrow. City <br />Attorney Edward Hughes and City manager Bob Thomson were present. <br />Reverend Hale Bishop gave the invocation. The Pledge of Allegiance was <br />recited. Mayor Parker asked the visitors to hold their remarks to 3 minutes. <br />Representative Burke Day told the audience that he has had the honor of <br />representing them for 10 years in different capacities. Day asked that all go to the polls <br />and vote on August 20, 2002. Day said that he has never given Tybee anything but his <br />best. Day also asked for the support and vote of all in attendance stating that he has <br />enjoyed serving the citizens of Chatham County. <br />Phil O'Dell addressed Council by stating he is a hometown boy but that he has <br />moved to Thunderbolt. O'Dell said he grew up on Tybee and that Mr. Chu was his <br />guardian. O'Dell asked for the citizens to support and vote for him. <br />Chris Lightle presented the 2001 City of Tybee audit from the firm of Karp, <br />Ronning & Tindol. Lightle said that he would be glad to entertain any questions. Lightle <br />explained that the $50,000 missing from the water sewer department referred to by the <br />Savannah Morning News has been accounted for because of errors in billing. At least 2 <br />bills went out in the amount of $26,000. for a two month billing. The citizens who <br />received these bills came to the cashiers' office for adjustment. The adjustment was done <br />in cashiers' office but never done to the general ledger. Lightle said that the reporter did <br />not have a clue about what we were talking about. Crawford said he appreciates <br />Lightles' statement and that Council is now satisfied, and asked that this please be a part <br />of the 2001 audit report. Crawford said the City now accounts for the money. <br />Dr. Gail Lamb told Council that she has the opportunity of getting the old Chu <br />house from T.S. Chu Terrace moved to her lot at 1702 Inlet but that she would like to <br />purchase a 30 foot portion of Lovell behind her lot so as to be able to place the house <br />without having to cut down some oak trees. Crawford said he toured the property and <br />was impressed about saving a historical structure and the trees. Youmans stated that John <br />Hunter has been before Council numerous times requesting he be allowed to purchase <br />Lovell Avenue. Crawford answered yes he has. <br />Jack Boylston said at the June Council meeting a proposal for an event area was <br />presented to Council and that he felt that there was a lot of favoritism towards it from <br />Council. Youmans announced that property in questioned is privately owned. Rusty <br />Fleetwood said he owns the property and he knows that the city is using it for parking. <br />Parker asked if there was access to Fleetwood thought he parking lot — street? Fleetwood <br />answered yes. Fleetwood gave his opinion that it is a bad idea for a permanent structure <br />to be erected in the R -1 zone and it seems a little short sited. <br />Joseph O'Leary petitioned Council to be allowed to purchase a portion of the <br />unopened section of Estill Avenue on the south side of his lot. Mary O'Leary also <br />requested a portion of Estill and a portion of Storer Street west of lot 1. <br />Henry Levy said that there were three things he would like to address tonight. 1. <br />Tybee Island divided into two districts —124 on the north of 80 and 126 on the south of <br />80. 2. Taking the Planning Commission out of the process of selling City owned <br />