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1 <br />1 <br />@ @ITEM 2002 -09 -12 City Council Minutes <br />Mayor Pro Tem Walter Crawford called the September 12, 2002 Council meeting <br />to order. The following Council members were present: James Burke, Jack Youmans, <br />Whitley Reynolds, Jason Buelterman and Richard Barrow. Mayor Parker was absent <br />because of surgery for a knee replacement. City Manager Bob Thomson and City <br />Attorney Edward Hughes were present. <br />Deacon Edie Atkins gave the invocation, which was followed by the Pledge of <br />Allegiance. <br />The following citizens petitioned Council on interest in purchasing city right -of- <br />ways or unopened streets: C. Harvey Ferrelle — 509 —C Miller Avenue; Bruce W. Karrh, <br />Sr.- Wrenwood Avenue; Mable Sanders — Wrenwood Avenue; Debbie Brady Robinson — <br />5th Avenue and 9th Street. Mrs. Daniel O'Conner asked if property owners would be <br />notified. Crawford said that the city cannot land lock a property. <br />Henry Levy addressed Council on the issue of a city planner. City needs the <br />advice a professional planner. A city planner would look at the C -1 area. All citizens <br />will be penalized if you create more condo lots. Youmans said that his proposal would <br />give back to the C -2 what was taken away about 5 or 6 years ago. Crawford reminded <br />everyone that government moves slowly. <br />Terry Montford of 1008 Bay Street addressed Council on the health issue on the <br />mosquito problems. Montford said that there are lots of vacant lots that hold water; there <br />is also a long ditch along Bay Street. Crawford said that the ditch use to run all the way <br />through S.B.& R.C. as drainage ditch. The Drainage Task Force will address this. <br />Rick Liudahl petitioned Council for relief on parking fees for exhibitors and <br />worker for the October 12th & 13th Art Show on the Pavilion. Council told Liudahl to <br />meet with City Manager Thomson <br />Kathryn Williams announced that the Beach Sweep will be September 21st staring <br />at 10 a.m. at the pier. Williams said that she had checked on a shorter lease time for the <br />Marine Science Center and that the 15 -year lease would better serve when looking for <br />grant money. Williams also said that Buelterman students on the Adopt a Highway did a <br />great job last weekend. <br />Rick Hurst asked who proposed the green space? What is the City going to buy? <br />Hurst said that with the prices that people are paying for the parcels of land that it would <br />not be enough for the city to purchase any large piece of land. Crawford said that this <br />Council does not set the price for what they are sold for — 4 to 6 appraisers on a list. Sale <br />of strips of land — non buildable lots has been going on forever, with the green space <br />resolution the revenue will go into a special fund. It will be a matter of public record and <br />everything is out in the open. Crawford said that the City is looking at the land on the <br />north side of the highway going off the island. If the City has funds to put up as good <br />faith then it will show the Federal and State that we are able to go forwards to purchase <br />and then they will help with funding. Hurst asked who authored the proposed zoning <br />change for C- 1/C -2. Crawford said this issue will come up later on at a public hearing. <br />Mayor Pro Tem Crawford read a proclamation for World Population Awareness <br />Week. <br />Mayor Pro Tem Crawford opened, asked for comments and closed the following <br />public hearing according to the municipal and state laws. <br />