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1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />Tybee Island City Council Special Meeting — October 24, 2002 <br />Mayor Walter Parker called the Special Meeting to order. The Council members present were Jimmy Burke, <br />Jack Youmans, Whitley Reynolds, Walter Crawford, and Richard Barrow. Jason Buelterman was out of <br />town. City Attorney Hughes, and City Manager Thomson were also in attendance. <br />Mayor Parker announced that the reason for this Special Meeting was to approve the LOST Funds <br />distribution. Burke said that he had a problem with the way the money was distributed. He said that Tybee <br />pays the highest amount of taxes to the county, second only to City of Savannah, but we get one of the <br />smallest shares of the LOST. Youmans and Crawford agreed, saying we take care of State property, and we <br />bring more to the table. We ought to get bigger share. There was more discussion among the members. <br />Crawford motioned for approval as it stands, Barrow seconded. <br />Barrow said that when we go back for negotiations in 2012, we should have a strong case. Parker said that <br />Pooler wants to come back in 5 years. Burke said the Westside argues population, but we give more money, <br />second to Savannah. Crawford said he asked Frank Murray what Chatham County did for Tybee. Murray <br />answered that Tybee can use the pier for free. Vote was 4, Youmans, Reynolds, Crawford, and Barrow, in <br />favor, and 1, Burke, opposed. <br />As there was no other business, the meeting was adjourned. <br />Mayor Walter Parker <br />