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1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />20090409 City Council Minutes <br />Mayor Buelterman called the Consent Agenda meeting to order at 6:30pm on Thursday, April 9, <br />2009. Council members present were Mayor pro tem Wanda Doyle, Barry Brown, Eddie Crone, Dick <br />Smith and Paul Wolff. Councilman Charlie Brewer was absent. Also present were City Attorney Bubba <br />Hughes and City Manager Diane Schleicher. <br />Mayor Buelterman listed the following items on the Consent Agenda: <br />➢ City Council Minutes for 03/26/09 <br />> 14th Street Drainage Project- Council agreed with attorney to proceed with Infrastructure's <br />recommendation to send letter requesting answer for signed easement, wait one week, after <br />which the City will move forward with condemnation procedure. Approved contract for <br />contractor to begin at 14th and Chatham Ave. City manager informed council there would be a <br />change order coming for 1501 Chatham Ave. Will bring to council at a later date. <br />A Motion by Councilman Wolff to go into Executive Session to discuss Real Estate and Litigation was <br />seconded by Mayor pro tem Doyle. The vote was unanimous. <br />A Motion by Councilman Wolff to end Executive Session was seconded by Councilman Crone. The <br />vote was unanimous. <br />Mayor Buelterman adjourned the Consent Agenda . <br />Mayor Buelterman called the regular meeting of the City Council to order at 7:05pm. Those present <br />at the Consent Agenda were also in attendance for the regular meeting. Carolyn Smith gave the <br />invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance followed. <br />Mayor Buelterman thanked the Coast Guard, MRS, Fire Department, Police Department, for all their <br />efforts in the unfortunate drowning we had last week on Tybee and extended the city's condolences to <br />the family. <br />Mayor Buelterman also announced the filming of Miley Cyrus's new Hannah Montana movie on <br />Tybee this summer. <br />Citizens to be Heard <br />Representatives from Tybee Neighbors spoke in support of proclamation of April 22nd Tybee Days and <br />events coming up that day. Representatives from numerous organizations were present in support of <br />the volunteer recruitment fair to be held on that day. 5:00 -8:00 at the Guard House. <br />Libby Bacon, Tybee Beautification , spoke on Earth Day Festival Events at Forsyth Park. Nasty Butt and <br />Tybee Beautification will be there to represent Tybee. Beach Sweep on May 2nd. Also special <br />recyclerama 8:00 -11:00 for things like paint, tires, computers, etc. <br />Mary Ingalls spoke in support of the arts shows in the park. <br />Prepared on 4/22/09dw Page 1 of 6 <br />