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Prepared 3/10/09vw Page 1 of 8 <br /> <br />20090226 City Council Minutes <br /> <br />Consideration of items for Consent Agenda <br /> <br /> Mayor Buelterman called the Consent Agenda to order at 6:30pm. on Thursday, February 26, <br />2009. Council members present were Mayor Pro Tem Wanda Doyle, Charlie Brewer, Eddie Crone, Dick <br />Smith and Paul Wolff. Also present were City Attorney Bubba Hughes and City Manager Diane Schleicher. <br />Councilman Barry Brown joined the meeting shortly after call to order. <br /> <br />Mayor Buelterman listed the following items on the Consent Agenda: <br /> <br /> Consideration of appointment of Gavin Murphy to Audit Committee. <br /> Consideration of appointment of the following to the Better Hometown Board. <br />Alan Fleming <br />Patricia Miller Wann <br />Erin Sheldon <br /> Consideration of a Trauma Care Resolution being sent to State Legislature. <br /> Consideration of crosswalks in C2 Resolution <br /> Consideration of the Aquifer Storage and Recovery Moratorium Resolution. <br /> Consideration of Request for the Tybee Island Irish Heritage Celebration Parade (8th Annual). <br />Requesting the City of Tybee co-sponsor this event as they have in the past. Also requesting <br />the Special event application fee of $100 and DPW services (cones/barricades) be waived. <br />Cost is included on the proposed budget page within the application totaling approximately <br />$1,700. <br /> Consideration of Fort Screven Water Improvements-Change Order # 1 Revised: Upgrade <br />water lines on Wilson Avenue, Moore Avenue, Meddin Drive, Taylor Street, Rosewood and <br />Robinson Avenue to the project $126,880. Budget Line item #505-4410-54-2100. <br /> Consideration of Ground Water Withdrawal Permit-Special Conditions Requirement. <br />Councilman Wolff asked for an updated unaccounted for water report. He recommended <br />conditional approval in order to continue working on the document. <br /> Action Items List: <br />o Mayor Buelterman asked for an update on steps taken to diminish the <br />possibility of having a fire generated by illegal fireworks on 4th of July, New <br />Years Eve, etc. Ms. Schleicher said we could have paid on call people in the <br />firehouse, have the tanker on the beach and have mules checking the dunes. <br />She said a rough cost estimate for salaries is $600 to $700 per event. She said <br />we will take a proactive approach to educate people. Councilman Wolff agreed <br />that education is a substantial part but enforcement is key. He recommended <br />Police Officers be patrolling the beach before and during fireworks with <br />brochures explaining the dangers along with a citation attached. He said we <br />should give written warnings with a definite threat of citation for a second <br />offense. Ms. Schleicher said they will make sure it gets in the budget at least for <br />the 4th of July. <br />o Mayor pro tem Doyle asked for an update on the Short Term Rental concerns <br />because the list reflects the last action date as January 29, 2007. Ms. Schleicher <br />said a lot of the issues have been resolved as far as some of the activities that <br />were happening in the rentals. She said a strong management group has <br />benefited Tybee by getting the information out. She said the Community <br />Development department educated the short term rental groups as far as what <br />was allowed or not allowed, just by mass mailings as far as the ordinances were <br />concerned. Mayor pro tem Doyle requested Ms. Schleicher contact TIARA or <br />some of the rentals and ask if they feel there are outstanding concerns that <br />haven’t been resolved. Councilman Brewer said TIARA’s concerns are over