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<br />Prepared 3/13/09vw Page 1 of 2 <br /> <br />20090312 City Council Synopsis <br /> Mayor Buelterman called the Consent Agenda meeting to order at 6:30pm on Thursday, March <br />12, 2009. Council members present were Mayor pro tem Wanda Doyle, Barry Brown, Eddie Crone, Dick <br />Smith and Paul Wolff. Councilman Charlie Brewer was absent due to illness. Also present were City <br />Attorney Bubba Hughes and City Manager Diane Schleicher. <br />Mayor Buelterman listed the following items on the Consent Agenda: <br /> Confirmation of correction to minutes 11/13/09 <br /> City Council Minutes 2/26/09 <br /> Appointment of Cullen Chambers to the Better Hometown Board of Directors <br /> Appointment of Dick Smith as Council Liaison to the Better Hometown Board <br /> Consideration of Grant Application to the Fanning Institute. UGA, sponsored by the Ga. <br />Rural Development Council. Grant amount $5,000-Matching Funds-In Kind Contributions <br />of $6,620 from Leadership Steering Committee. <br /> Alcohol License Application with Retail Beer, Wine, and Liquor, Sunday Sales and <br />Entertainment for the Sand Bar Sushi Bar, 1512 Butler Ave., Ana G. Olsen. <br /> Alcohol License Application with Retail Beer, Wine and Liquor, Sunday Sales and <br />Entertainment for Groover’s Place, 1 E Hwy 80, Tom Groover. <br /> Alcohol License Application for Special Event on April 18, 2009. Tybee Veteran’s <br />Memorial Committee, Memorial Park Pavilion. <br /> Modification of GEFA Ft. Screven Loan: Modify existing GEFA Loan to increase the loan <br />amount by $116,667. Total loan not to exceed $1,416,000.00 <br />Councilman Wolff moved to go into Executive Session to discuss Real Estate Acquisition, <br />Litigation and Personnel, Mayor pro tem Doyle seconded. The vote was unanimous. <br />Councilman Smith moved to end Executive Session, Councilman Wolff seconded. The vote was <br />unanimous. <br />Mayor Buelterman adjourned the Consent Agenda. <br />Mayor Buelterman called the regular meeting of the City Council to order at 7:00pm. Those <br />attending the Consent Agenda were also in attendance for the regular meeting. <br />Consent Agenda: <br /> Consideration of Consent Agenda items. <br />Councilman Wolff moved to approve the Consent Agenda, Mayor pro tem Doyle seconded. <br />The vote was unanimous. <br /> <br />