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Prepared on 10/09/2009vw Page 1 of 3 <br /> <br />20091008 City Council Synopsis <br /> Mayor Buelterman called the Consent Agenda meeting to order at 6:30pm on Thursday. <br />October 8, 2009. Council Members present were Mayor pro tem Wanda Doyle, Charlie Brewer, <br />Barry Brown, Eddie Crone, Dick Smith and Paul Wolff. Also present were City Attorney Bubba <br />Hughes, City Manager Diane Schleicher and Zoning Director Jonathan Lynn. <br />Mayor Buelterman listed the following items on the Consent Agenda: <br /> Special Event Application-Tybee to Savannah Bike Ride, Sunday, November 8, 2009 at <br />9am. City Hall- With escort North on Butler Ave to Savannah. Requesting waiver of <br />special event fee ($106),Applicant: Drew Wade-Savannah Bicycle Campaign <br /> <br /> Hand Drainage Utility Easement Agreement <br /> <br /> Hand Escrow Agreement <br /> <br />Executive Session: <br /> <br />A Motion by Councilman Wolff to go into Executive Session to discuss Litigation and Personnel <br />was seconded by Mayor pro tem Doyle. The vote was unanimous. <br /> <br />A Motion by Councilman Wolff to end Executive Session was seconded by Mayor pro tem <br />Doyle. The vote was unanimous. <br /> <br />Mayor Buelterman adjourned the Consent Agenda. <br /> <br /> Mayor Buelterman called the regular meeting of the City Council to order at 7:00pm. <br />Those present at the Consent Agenda were also in attendance for the regular meeting. Deacon <br />David Hayden gave the invocation and everyone recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. <br /> <br />Recognitions: <br /> <br />Mayor and City Council recognized Edward L. Pollock for Thirty years of service as a City <br />Employee and congratulated him on his retirement. <br /> <br />Consent Agenda: <br /> <br />A Motion by Councilman Wolff to approve the Consent Agenda was seconded by Mayor pro <br />tem Doyle. The vote was unanimous.