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<br />1 <br /> <br />PLANNING COMMISSION CITY MANAGER <br />Demery Bishop, Vice Chair Diane Schleicher <br />Tom Borkowski <br />Marianne Bramble PLANNING & ZONING MANAGER <br />Julie Livingston Dianne Otto, CFM <br />John Major <br />Tyler Marion, Chair CITY ATTORNEY <br />David McNaughton Edward M. Hughes <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES <br />Planning Commission Meeting <br />March 18, 2014 – 7:00 p.m. <br /> <br /> <br />Chair Tyler Marion called the March 18, 2014, Tybee Island Planning Commission meeting to order. Commissioners <br />present were Marianne Bramble, David McNaughton, John Major, Tyler Marion, and Tom Borkowski. <br /> <br />Mr. Marion – The first order of business is the minutes of the February 18, 2014, meeting. Do I have any discussion? <br />[There was none.] Do I have a motion? [Mr. McNaughton made a motion to approve as written; Mr. Major seconded.] <br />All those in favor please signify. [The vote was unanimous.] <br /> <br />Mr. Marion – Do we have any recusals or disclosures? [Mr. Marian stated he was not going to recuse himself but <br />wanted to note for the record that he is a member of St. Michael’s Church and parish council. Ms. Bramble stated she is <br />a member of St. Michael’s Church.] <br /> <br />Mr. Marion asked staff to include old business on future agendas for discussion. <br /> <br />Special Review & Site Plan Approval – Tybee Island Maritime Academy – 714 Lovell Ave. & 0 Eighth St. <br />Ms. Otto – The item before you is for the Tybee Island Maritime Academy is Special Review and Site Plan Approval. The <br />request is two modular buildings at the current Maritime Academy location. One will be at Lovell Avenue and one at <br />Eighth Street. The staff report and documents supporting it show that they are proposing one modular building to be <br />located adjacent to the current school building that has the gymnasium attached to it. The second modular building <br />would be kitty corner at the lower grade building with the playground. There is a requirement in the R-1 district, this is <br />zoned R-2 but you fall to the R-1 standards, which requires schools of general education to have Special Review. In <br />addition to the Site Plan requirement there is the Special Review requirement. <br /> <br />Mr. Major – In our ordinances there are a number of requirements for Special Review such as buffering plans, parking <br />plans, green space calculations, and architectural renderings that I didn’t see in the packet. Are those being waived? <br /> <br />Ms. Otto – They are not being waived so much as being on an economic point of view seeking approval before moving <br />forward with those needed items that are expensive to obtain through engineering. As far as green space for the first <br />location, it is going onto a black top surface so there is no additional impact there. For the other location, green space <br />has not been calculated. Another aspect is the determination of what type of foundation is to be used to elevate these. <br />If it is an open foundation that drainage is going to flow under the buildings, it would not be as significant an impact as if <br />there is a solid foundation that the water couldn’t flow under. We don’t know yet how these are going to be set, if they <br />are going to be on permanent foundations or temporary structures that are remaining on their chassis and removable. <br />Until those questions are answered they were not put to the burden of providing that information. <br /> <br />Mr. Major – There is also parking and buffering. The architectural renderings that are required as part of the submittal, <br />if these are prefabricated it seems like we could see what they look like and I think that is an important consideration. <br />