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1 <br />PLANNING COMMISSION CITY MANAGER <br />Demery Bishop, Vice Chair Diane Schleicher <br />Ron Bossick <br />Marianne Bramble PLANNING & ZONING MANAGER <br />Julie Livingston Dianne Otto, CFM <br />John Major <br />Tyler Marion, Chair CITY ATTORNEY <br />David McNaughton Edward M. Hughes <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES <br />Planning Commission Meeting <br />September 16, 2014 – 7:00 p.m. <br /> <br /> <br />Chair Tyler Marion called the September 16, 2014, Tybee Island Planning Commission meeting to order. The other <br />Commissioners present were: Demery Bishop, Ron Bossick, Marianne Bramble, Julie Livingston, John Major, and David <br />McNaughton. <br /> <br />The oath of office was administered by Mayor Jason Buelterman for Ron Bossick. He had been appointed by City Council <br />on June 12, 2014. The Planning Commission term for Bossick will end on January 31, 2016. <br /> <br />Chair Tyler Marion asked for consideration of the Minutes of the August 19, 2014, meeting. John Major made a motion to <br />approve. Demery Bishop seconded the motion. The vote in favor was unanimous. <br /> <br />There were no responses when Chair Tyler Marion asked if there were any disclosures or recusals. <br /> <br />Text Amendment – Article 2, Definitions <br />Planning and Zoning Manager Dianne Otto discussed that the Planning Commissioners had considered Article 2 at their <br />last meeting and the version before them now was based on that input. Included on the list of Definitions to Add was the <br />word warehouse. The conversation resulted in striking the phrase of personal property from the definition. Shallow was <br />amended to remove the word width and correct use of the word depth. The phrase not to be used for commercial activities <br />was removed from the definition of house. It was discussed that service industry had been added based on the discussion <br />at the August meeting. Moving to the Definitions to Amend section, the words one or and persons were removed from the <br />definition for family. It was stated the five items under Definitions to Strike would be removed from Article 2 only if the <br />Text Amendment for Article 7, Tree Ordinance, was approved by City Council. Chair Tyler Marion requested public <br />input. There wasn’t any. He closed the Public Hearing. John Major moved for approval with the changes that had been <br />suggested. Marianne Bramble seconded the motion. The vote in favor of the motion was 6-0. Otto stated the item would <br />go to City Council on October 9. <br /> <br />Text Amendment – Section 3-070, electrical meters <br />Planning and Zoning Manager Dianne Otto explained the request was for continuity with Chatham County who provides <br />Tybee Island’s inspection services. The request was a Text Amendment to insert into Section 3-070(A) the sentence, <br />“Single-family residential lots shall be limited to one electrical meter.” Otto said requests are received for second meters <br />and as a policy such requests are denied. Separate electric meters have been wanted on outbuildings and swimming pools. <br />Otto said without this language staff is challenged to enforce it with the response to customers that this is what Chatham <br />County does. Commissioner John Major said there are some people on Tybee that have solar panels. He said there are <br />bidirectional meters that measure what comes from and goes to the grid, and there are also unidirectional meters where <br />there is one meter for purchased power and a separate meter for power sold back to the grid. Major asked if a bidirectional <br />meter was the only choice for solar panels. Otto said that was not the intent and the language needed to be clarified to say <br />so. Major said it could be said it does not apply to selling power back to the grid. Commissioner Demery Bishop asked <br />what a customary accessory structure was. Otto listed a garage, a shed, a pool house, or the like. She said requests for <br />separate meters have been received for those and for gazebos and swimming pools. Bishop asked if someone has a cabana <br />behind their primary residence would that qualify for a second meter. Otto’s response was no. She read aloud the <br />