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1 <br />PLANNING COMMISSION CITY MANAGER <br />Demery Bishop, Vice Chair Diane Schleicher <br />Ron Bossick <br />Marianne Bramble PLANNING & ZONING MANAGER <br />Julie Livingston Dianne Otto, CFM <br />John Major <br />Tyler Marion, Chair CITY ATTORNEY <br />David McNaughton Edward M. Hughes <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES <br />Planning Commission Meeting <br />October 21, 2014 – 7:00 p.m. <br /> <br /> <br />Chair Tyler Marion called the October 21, 2014, Tybee Island Planning Commission meeting to order. The other <br />Commissioners present were: Demery Bishop, Ron Bossick, Marianne Bramble, John Major, and David McNaughton. <br />Julie Livingston was absent. <br /> <br />Chair Tyler Marion asked for consideration of the Minutes of the September 16, 2014, meeting. Demery Bishop motioned <br />to approve. Marianne Bramble seconded the motion. The vote in favor was unanimous, 5-0. <br /> <br />Chair Tyler Marion asked if there were any disclosures or recusals. Marianne Bramble disclosed applicant Tony Petrea <br />had worked at her house. John Major disclosed he had business relationships with Tony Petrea in the past. <br /> <br />Lot Recombination – 21 Pulaski St. – Zone R-1 – PINs 4-0001-02-016 & 4-0001-02-017 <br />Planning and Zoning Manager Dianne Otto explained the request for a lot recombination at 21 Pulaski Street, zone R-1. <br />The petitioner was Tony Petrea. Lots 6 and 7 are currently two lots of record and the request is to combine those into one <br />property. She further explained that located on the property is an historic battery. Chair Marion asked if the Tybee Island <br />Historical Commission has been involved with this request. Ms. Otto responded they have not been notified by staff of <br />this request. Mr. McNaughton asked Ms. Otto if there was any protection for the battery that will be considered in the <br />future or is this private property and anything can happen to the property. Ms. Otto responded that the property is <br />privately owned and anything could happen to it and it has also been available to purchase over a span of time. Mr. <br />McNaughton then stated the current battery does not meet the setbacks. Ms. Otto concurred and stated the required <br />setbacks in the R-1 zone are 20 feet front and back, and 10 feet on the sides. She explained that the current document <br />before the Commission did not provide what the setbacks are but she assured the Commission it does not meet the <br />setbacks. Mr. McNaughton stated that it is his recommendation the Commission should have something in front of them <br />that indicates any specific problems that exist with the setbacks in order for them to make a decision. Ms. Otto responded <br />that per the diagram the edge of concrete in the back area does not meet the 20 foot requirement. She stated that in order <br />to save the petitioner expenses in having a plat prepared that may not be approved, staff allowed Mr. Petrea to proceed <br />with this request with the simple property boundaries. The request is to remove the center property line to combine this <br />into one parcel. Ms. Otto stated she is comfortable with the existing plat as it is two lots of record, both do not meet the <br />minimum lot size in the R-1 zone, they do not meet the required setbacks, and the recombination does bring the lot size <br />into conformance. Mr. Major asked Ms. Otto if these two lots were previously one lot as it is his understanding there was <br />a structure on the property. He then questioned why the Commission would allow a lot of size that meets the <br />requirements for R-1 to subdivide into two lots that do not meet the requirements for R-1 and when did that happen? Ms. <br />Otto deferred to Mr. Petrea. She also expressed this is an improvement for the district as there is a potential for two single <br />family homes to be built and the request is to combine and have only one lot of record. Mr. Major discussed the future <br />setbacks if a single family home was built on the property. Ms. Otto confirmed that if a single family home was built and <br />the structure would conform to the required setbacks it would not require the Commission or City Council to review. Mr. <br />Bishop asked if there has been precedence regarding the other battery lots that have structures built on. Ms. Otto <br />explained two other battery lots and their conformity to the setbacks. A discussion ensued regarding the calculations that <br />were made to ensure this request meets the 12,000 square feet. Ms. Otto confirmed that it would. She had researched <br />SAGIS and discussed with Mr. Bert Barrett Jr., as he is the surveyor of record for future development. Tony Petrea <br />