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1 <br /> <br />PLANNING COMMISSION CITY MANAGER <br />Demery Bishop, Vice Chair Diane Schleicher <br />Ron Bossick <br />Marianne Bramble PLANNING & ZONING MANAGER <br />Julie Livingston Dianne Otto, CFM <br />John Major <br />Tyler Marion, Chair CITY ATTORNEY <br />David McNaughton Edward M. Hughes <br /> <br /> <br />MINUTES <br />Planning Commission Meeting <br />November 18, 2014 – 7:00 p.m. <br /> <br /> <br />Chair Tyler Marion called the November 18, 2014, Tybee Island Planning Commission meeting to order. The other <br />Commissioners present were Demery Bishop, Ron Bossick, Julie Livingston, John Major, and David McNaughton. <br />Marianne Bramble was absent and excused. <br /> <br />Chair Tyler Marion asked for consideration of the October 21, 2014, meeting Minutes. A motion to approve was made by <br />Demery Bishop. David McNaughton seconded the motion. The vote to approve was 5-0. <br /> <br />Chair Tyler Marion asked if there were any disclosures or recusals. David McNaughton stated his recusal for the Variance <br />request at 173 Lewis Avenue for Jeff Slaughter. <br /> <br />Old Business <br />Commissioner John Major stated that three months ago the owner of the IGA came before the Planning Commission with <br />a request for rezoning of an R-2 lot. The Planning Commission recommended approval with restrictions and <br />encumbrances that accompany a Neighborhood Grocery zoned property, specifically a privacy fence, etc. The City <br />Council approved the request with the same restrictions and added a 90 day completion date. He asked Dianne Otto the <br />status. Ms. Otto responded that the previous day the permit for the fence was issued and the 90 day completion date <br />would be January 9, 2015. She said Staff is tracking to ensure it is accomplished. <br /> <br />Chair Tyler Marion made reference to short-term rentals on the Island and creating an ordinance. Dianne Otto responded <br />that there was a draft ordinance and stakeholder meetings a few years ago and the proposal has not been revived. Chair <br />Marion made a recommendation that the short-term vacation rental ordinance be seriously reconsidered specific to the <br />idea of management of occupancy and parking as these are two crucial items to the health of the City. He made reference <br />to a four bedroom house with twenty guests and multiple vehicles with no after-hours management in place. Ms. Otto <br />stated she would provide the proposed ordinance for their review. <br /> <br />Commissioner Demery Bishop referenced a previous Variance request for the Polk Street right-of-way. He asked Dianne <br />Otto to advise him of the City Council’s decision. Mr. Bishop reminded the Commission the motion was to approve with <br />a renewal of 18 months and a sunset provision, and following non-completion, punitive damages of some type against the <br />aggrieving party. Ms. Otto responded the City Council’s determination was approval of the Variance but they did not add <br />a time period and did not incorporate the recommended punitive damages language. Commissioner Bishop said this would <br />maintain status quo which would allow the request to come back before the Commission for a fourth attempt if not <br />completed. Ms. Otto agreed. Bishop stated therefore they would be potentially guilty of non-performance, in his opinion. <br />Chair Marion thanked Commissioner Bishop for his comments. <br /> <br />Minor Subdivision – 1115 Venetian Dr.; Christopher & Melissa Freeman; Zone R-2; PIN 4-0012-01-001 <br />Planning and Zoning Manager Dianne Otto stated there are three lots of record at 1113 and 1115 Venetian Drive and the <br />owners are Christopher and Melissa Freeman. She explained the request was to convert the three lots into two lots. She <br />said currently there is a vacant lot, named Part of Lot 2, and there are Lots 3 and 4. The existing single-family home is <br />