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ORDINANCE NO. 07-A-2015 <br /> AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE CODE OF ORDINANCES <br /> FOR THE CITY OF TYBEE ISLAND, GEORGIA, <br /> SO AS TO REVISE THE PROVISIONS OF SECTION 3-080(C), <br /> OFF STREET PARKING REQUIREMENTS, <br /> RELATING TO ESTABLISHING SPECIFICATIONS FOR DRIVEWAYS, <br /> TO REPEAL CONFLICTING ORDINANCES, <br /> TO ESTABLISH AN EFFECTIVE DATE AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES <br /> WHEREAS, the duly elected governing authority for the City of Tybee Island, Georgia, <br /> is authorized under Article 9, Section 2, Paragraph 3 of the Constitution of the State of Georgia <br /> to adopt reasonable ordinances to protect and improve the public health, safety, and welfare of <br /> the citizens of Tybee Island, Georgia, and <br /> WHEREAS, the duly elected governing authority for the City of Tybee Island, Georgia, <br /> is the Mayor and Council thereof, and <br /> WHEREAS, the governing authority desires to amend the Code to provide in Section 3- <br /> 080(C) relating to specifications for driveways, to repeal conflicting ordinances, to establish an <br /> effective date, and for other purposes. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, be it ordained by the governing authority of the City of Tybee <br /> Island that the Code of Ordinances, Section 3-080(C), Off street parking, be hereby amended so <br /> that hereafter the ordinance shall read as hereinafter provided. <br /> SECTION 1 <br /> The Code of Ordinances is hereby amended so as amend Section 3-080(C) regarding <br /> driveway specifications which shall read as follows: <br /> Sec. 3-080. Off-street parking requirements. <br /> (C) Control of access to structures used for residential purposes including but not limited to <br /> single family, duplex,triplex,two family,multifamily, townhomes, apartments,time shares,and <br /> condominiums whether owner occupied or held for rental. In order to promote the safety of motorists and <br /> pedestrians,the following regulations shall apply to all newly constructed driveways: <br /> (I) A driveway opening which connects a lot with a public street shall not be greater than 25 <br /> feet in width at the property line.Driveways that serve duplex lots shall not have a width greater than <br /> 15 feet per unit measured at the property line. This section is not intended to prevent the installation of <br /> flared driveway ends. These flared ends, when constructed in accordance with adopted standards and <br /> specifications, shall not count towards the width of the driveway. <br />