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1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />@ @ITEM 2002 -01 -02 City Council Minutes <br />Clerk of Council Jacquelyn R. Brown gave the oath of office to each Council <br />member and to the Mayor and then turned the meeting over to Mayor Walter Parker. <br />Mayor Parker called the organizational meeting of Council to order at 9:30 A.M. <br />with the following members of Council present: James G. Burke, Jr., Jack Youmans, <br />Walter C. Crawford, Jr., Whitley Reynolds and Richard Barrow. Council member elect <br />Jason Buelterman was absent because of work, but will be sworn in tonight by Judge <br />George Oliver. Mayor Parker welcomed the new and the old members of Council. <br />Burke moved to elect Walter Crawford as Mayor Pro Tem. Youmans seconded. <br />Vote by Council was unanimous. <br />There was a discussion on agenda procedure and how to go about getting <br />something on the agenda for a meeting. It was noted to get with the clerk of council. <br />Hughes said that there are 2 types and that some ordinances require a public hearing, <br />which has to be advertised for the Planning Commission and for the City Council. It <br />would be good to place a suggestion for a change on the agenda for discussion so that a <br />consensus can be given by Council before you spend time preparing the ordinance <br />Barrow asked about a pre meeting? Parker answered that we have never done that but <br />will look into this matter. Parker also told Council that a pre meeting would have to be <br />advertised. <br />Youmans said that he would like to go back to 2 meetings a month or either <br />agenda prep and 1 regular meeting. <br />City Manager Tom Cannon told Council that a Council retreat could be held on <br />January 12 from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. here on the island. Dr. Billy Hair would facilitate the <br />meeting. Youmans said he would go along with the 12th but that he thinks we need to <br />wait until March or April, after the Council is involved with how it works. Crawford said <br />he thinks that sometime in February would be good. Cannon said that he would get in <br />touch with Hair to see if he has anything available. <br />As there was no further business to be discussed Mayor Parker adjourned the <br />meeting. <br />Clerk of Council <br />Mayor Walter W. Parker <br />