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1 <br />@ @ITEM 2002 -03 -28 Special Called City Council Minutes <br />Mayor Walter W. parker called the Special meeting to order at 6 P.M. with the <br />following members of Council present: Jimmy Burke, jack Youmans, Whitley Reynolds, <br />Walter Crawford, Jason Buelterman and Richard Barrow who was a few minutes late. <br />Mayor Parker said that the meeting was called in order to discuss the 2002 <br />budget. <br />Youmans moved to approve a budget adjustment requested by Jackie Brown for <br />the grant from the Georgia Archives in the amount of $4,500. Brown said that a revenue <br />and expenditure line item is needed. Revenue 100 -00- 33.4110 Records Grant: <br />Expenditure 100 - 1580 - 53.1100. Burke seconded. Vote by Council was unanimous. <br />Buelterman asked who decided to have this meeting about a resolution concerning <br />the 2002 budget. Parker answered that 4 of the council members requested and that he <br />called it so that they did not have to go through the paper work that is required by law. <br />Crawford said this is nothing new that it has been discussed at some length before and <br />that these changes will make the budget more in line. Buelterman asked why the special <br />meeting. Crawford answered it was decided that budget meeting would be held separate <br />from the regular meeting. Hughes told Council that he classification and pay plan must be <br />adopted by Council under the Charter but that the job descriptions can be done by the <br />City manager. Crawford has a motion in the form of a resolution and asked Hughes to <br />explain and read it. Hughes said that a prior Council voted to eliminate the position of <br />Assistant City manager but it is still on the list and should be removed from the list of job <br />descriptions. Hughes said the positions that would be eliminated under the proposal are <br />Community Development Director and Administrative Assistant to the City Manager and <br />the Mayor by the resolution. There are three jobs that would be created, combination of <br />Centralized Purchasing/Finance, a multi purpose clerk and a zoning administrator. <br />Crawford moved to adopt the resolution. Youmans seconded. Hughes said that the <br />Mayor should ask for comments as it may effect positions and give an opportunity for <br />any employee effected who is present tonight a chance to speak to Council. Questions <br />were asked from Tybee News Lynn Hamilton, reporter J.R. Roseberry, Jim Kluttz, Freda <br />Rutherford and Mallory Pearce. Parker informed Council that the position of <br />Administrative Assistant to City Manager and Mayor should to be kept in place until the <br />new City Manger is hired. Crawford said if that is the way the Mayor feels he will <br />withdraw the Administrative Assistant to City Manager and Mayor from the resolution if <br />Youmans agrees. Youmans said he would agree if the resolution states until the new <br />Manager is hired. Crawford told Council we do not want to stop he wheels of <br />government. Vote by Council was 4 in favor (Burke, Youmans, Crawford and Barrow; 2 <br />opposed (Reynolds and Buelterman). <br />As there was no further business to be discussed Mayor Parker adjourned the <br />meeting. <br />Mayor Walter W. Parker <br />