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1 <br />1 <br />@ @ITEM 2002 -06 -13 City Council Minutes <br />Mayor Walter W. Parker called the June 13, 2002 Council meeting to order at 7 <br />P.M. The following members of Council were present: James Burke, Jack Youmans, <br />Whitley Reynolds, Walter Crawford, Jason Buelterman and Richard Barrow. City <br />Attorney Edward Hughes and City manager Bob Thomson were present. <br />Council member Richard Barrow gave the invocation. The Pledge of Allegiance <br />was recited. <br />George and Mary Chandler addressed Council on the issue of the surfboard <br />license. Mr. Chandler told Council that past councils were against rentals of surfboards. <br />Buelterman asked why? Chandler said he believes that Council thought that it was <br />dangerous. Chandler said that 17th Street is his best location and he objects to Owens <br />request for a license at 17th Street. Chris Kovak, local surfer, said it is very difficult to <br />surf and that there is already a business that rents and offers instructions. <br />Michael Scarbrough presented Council with a request for the fireworks on July 3rd <br />on the beach from the Chamber. Scarbrough also asked Council to approve the contract <br />with the Chamber. Parker said no changes. Scarbrough said the percentages only. The <br />old contract states 5 %, the new states 6 %. Hughes said there are State of Georgia budget <br />requirements that can be worked out. Scarbrough said the powerboat races are coming to <br />Tybee. Savannah invested $30,000 but the Coast Guard turned them down. This event <br />will be off the North Beach area. Scarbrough said they will need traffic control and port <br />a lets in the north beach parking lot. Scarbrough told Council that the exposure will be <br />unlimited and all over the world. Parker asked how many port a lets. Scarbrough said <br />10. Crawford said Tybee welcomes this and it will bring year round economy. <br />David Blount of 1017 Highway 80 petitioned to purchase a 30foot by 90 foot of <br />the unopened street names Storer. Patricia Fisher 1102 Laurel Avenue requested the <br />other portion of Storer. <br />Jack Boylston and Paul Devivo presented Council with a proposal to build a <br />permanent covered bandstand at the back of the Shrine Club. Boylston said this is where <br />the 94 Volleyball events took place. Boylston said it could be financed through corporate <br />businesses, grants and SCAD, etc. Form an authority; he would like to spearhead the <br />group of people. Crawford asked f this would be a quasi- governmental body. Boylston <br />answered just like the Planning commission — would be a business. Boylston said you <br />could have swings and playground equipment for the kids with white sand, Tybee has a <br />scar of having parking as their major industry. Crawford told Council it is a great idea. <br />Alan Jacks, Director of the Marine Science Center, gave a summary of the events <br />being sponsored this summer. <br />David Ason voiced his concerns about the changes that are proposed for the R -1 <br />lot size reduction especially for Eagles Nest. Ason said that they have covenants and had <br />to personally sue a developer, the neighbors got together and worked to get it zoned R -1. <br />Ason said that this would increase density and what is the island going to look like in 30 <br />years. A plan is needed with the support of the people. <br />Charles Salter presented Council with information on the 2nd Annual Kayak event <br />already approved by Interim City Manager Jimmy Brown. <br />Walter Crawford spoke as a visitor on the issue of covenants. Crawford said the <br />purpose of these ordinances would be to reduce the number of zoning districts from 10 to <br />