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1 <br />1 <br />@ @ITEM 2002 -06 -20 City Council Minutes <br />Mayor Walter Parker called the meeting to order at 8 P.M. Council members <br />present were as follows. Jimmy Burke, Jack Youmans, Whitley Reynolds, Walter <br />Crawford, Jason Buelterman and Richard Barrow. Mayor Parker congratulated Richard <br />on being a new grand father. <br />Mayor Parker said the first item to be discussed is the budget adjustment needed <br />for the 2001 budget in order to finish the audit. Auditor Chris Lightle told Council that <br />there are a # of reason that this needs to be done: In the past adjustment were not done in <br />a timely manner — meaning the adjustment were not made after Council approved them: <br />In 2001 the old chart of account was used to start the budget and then was transferred to <br />the new uniform chart of account that all cities must comply with according to Georgia <br />law: The budget process was flawed — DPW had enough money in the salary line item in <br />which at least 6 employee could have been hired: beach renourishment money received <br />but never budgeted as a revenue or expenditure: hotel/motel up higher than usual so an <br />adjustment was needed in the revue and in the expenses. These are just a few of the areas <br />that I noted. Burke asked that $30,000 was spent out of beach renourishment who spent <br />it and who approved the expenditure. Burke said he wants something in writing <br />explaining everything before he can vote on the adjustments. Crawford said it takes a <br />vote by Mayor and Council before grant monies for north beach can be spent is what he <br />understands. Burke questioned who got the overtime? Youmans said under old budget <br />the street lights were expensed out of general administration and with the new it is in <br />DPW — a lot of changes in where things are expensed from — money there just not in the <br />right place. It was noted that the former City Manager approved a lot of purchases. <br />Buelterman said this is needed to comply with State and is this common practice? <br />Lightle replied that in small municipalities that they do not have the personnel to do this <br />in a timely manner. Barrow said this is a new chart of account. Lightle said items were <br />split out but money never moved. Crawford asked about 2002 budget. Lightle said it <br />should not be a problem if someone is keeping up with adjustments. Crawford said he <br />want where the money is, where it was spent, what purchased and who approved and <br />wants this in writing. Buelterman asked what will happen if we do not adopt. Lightle <br />answered if you delay and request an extension it could affect grants from the State, there <br />will be additions disclosures and you will be in violation of your budget ordinance. <br />Buelterman said there is no additional spending, this is a common practice, and Lightle <br />can provide us with a break down. Lightle said the City had 3 Finance Directors — no <br />budget comparison were done- nobody was watching the spending, you have a guy in <br />place that has the capabilities. Lightle said that the first 9 months it was like a big party <br />in the finance office, work was not getting done. Parker told Council that the City needs <br />to reconcile the 2001 budget. Burke said he wants a written statement from Lightle of <br />why we have the errors. Youmans agreed, need to know who caused this problem. <br />Crawford moved to table any decision until next week. Buelterman seconded with the <br />understanding that this be done by June 30th deadline. Barrow said items were in the <br />budget, none misspent — chart of accounts changed. Lightle answered chart of accounts <br />did change and there is no increase in salary. Parker asked Lightle what he could <br />provide next week for the Council. Lightle said he can tell what department was over <br />and on capital outlay he can tell who approved the purchase. Vote by6 Council was 5 in <br />