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@ @ITEM 2002 -07 -11 City Council Minutes <br />Mayor Walter Parker called the July 11, 2002 Council meeting to order. The <br />following members of Council were present: James Burke, Jack Youmans, Whitley <br />Reynolds, Walter Crawford, Jason Buelterman and Richard Barrow. City Manager Bob <br />Thomson and City Attorney Edward Hughes were present. <br />Father John Fitzpatrick gave the invocation. The Pledge of Allegiance was <br />recited. <br />James Carter requested Council to consider selling him a portion of Hodges <br />Street. Jim Grady helped explained the request. <br />Jack Knauz stated that he was the adjoining property owner and that he opposes <br />any sale of Hodges Street. <br />Kathryn William from the Marine Science Center introduced Kim Harris an <br />attorney who is helping the MSC with the proposed lease between the City and MSC. <br />Williams said that they need a lease to have security because as it stands a 60 -day notice <br />is all that is in the lease now. Burke asked where would the new facility be located. <br />Williams said that the present building would be demolished and the new MSC built in <br />its place. Parker said it couldn't be done. Williams said that they have been in touch <br />with the Federal and as long as they rebuild with public restrooms it would be all right. <br />Parker said the last information from the Department of the Interior stated there would be <br />problems. Harris said that she has all correspondence. <br />Rick Hurst said that he is appearing again because he has not heard back on his <br />request from Council from the May 9th meeting where he requested 3 things. 1. <br />Immediate steps for new language prohibiting any work by elected officials or <br />employees. 2. Inquiring into the contract for the past 10 years. 3. Competitive bids for <br />work to be done for the City. Barrow said he agrees with Hurst. Parker said that the City <br />had the City Attorney look into and does not know where it got sidetracked but the City <br />does have items in place that would cover the ethics issue. Crawford said that Parker was <br />out of town for that meeting and that he feels somewhat responsible and that Council <br />asked the City Attorney to contact the State Attorney General for an opinion. Crawford <br />said he has withdrawn his name for doing any work for the City of Tybee. Barrow said <br />according to state law and city codes that we are in compliance. In answer to the back up <br />contracts for the past 10 years that was requested from the City we just do not have the <br />staff to produce. Barrow told Hurst that Council adopted a purchasing policy. Parker <br />asked Hurst what wording would he like to see incorporated into the code of ethics. <br />Hurst said "no city official or employee to be allowed to do any work at all for the City ". <br />Hurst said he knows this is a small town. Youmans said that he would not object to the <br />City asking for bids on any work that he does for the City. Barrow read the minutes form <br />the meeting in question and Buelterman said it is now in the City Manager basket. Hurst <br />said Jonathan Brown witnessed city employees using city equipment after hours on <br />another city employees' property. Parker answered that this has been addressed to the <br />individuals. Brown said something in writing from his complaint would be nice. <br />Crawford asked who was addressed? Hurst said the employees. Crawford asked that this <br />issue be properly addressed in writing. Photos were shared. <br />Burke moved to adopt the consent agenda: Toy for Tots Special Event; minutes <br />for June 13, 20 and 27, 2002; Alcohol Beverage renewal for Rascals; Section 10 -1 -1 <br />