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1 <br />1 <br />@ @ITEM 2002 -10 -10 City Council Minutes <br />Mayor Walter W. Parker called the October 10, 2002 Council meeting to order <br />and thanked Mayor Pro Tem Walter Crawford for taking care of business while he was <br />out with knee surgery. The following members of Council were present: James Burke, <br />Jack Youmans, Whitley Reynolds, Walter Crawford, Jason Buelterman and Richard <br />Barrow. City Manager Bob Thomson and City Attorney Edward Hughes were also <br />present. <br />Council member Richard Barrow gave the invocation. The reciting of the pledge <br />of allegiance followed. <br />Dr. Patricia Stringer, candidate for President of the Board of Education, gave her <br />background as 10 years of a college teacher and 20 years as a computer software owner. <br />Stringer said she will bring a fresh view to the board. Stringer asked the audience for <br />their support in the November election. <br />Council member Jason Buelterman introduce the following members of the newly <br />formed Youth Council: Julia Wilkerson — Johnson High; Jacob Hammer — Johnson <br />High; Patrick Lowe — Benedictine; Carmen Wise — Coastal Middle and Michael Locklear <br />— Bible Baptist. Ashley Ward, Ashley Wilson and Ryan Sadowsky were not able to <br />attend tonight. Buelterman said that this group will meet for the first time at the end of <br />October. <br />Tiffany Dennis, Director of Recreation from the YMCA, gave Council the annual <br />time line on projects and sports. There are 360 membership units — with 633 people. <br />Dennis said everything she is stating is in front of you in a hand out. Parker said Dennis <br />is doing a great job and that we appreciate all her hard work. <br />Jack Boylston invited the Mayor, Council and administrative staff to be guest at <br />the Sea the Symphony on October 26, gates open at 2 P.M., program starts at 3 P.M., and <br />this event will be held in the North beach parking area. Buelterman asked if the city was <br />cleaning up the area for the day. Boylston said he had talked with City Manager <br />Thomson. <br />Mayor Parker told Cecil DeLorme that he did not have to set up and present his <br />request to Council because it is on the consent agenda. <br />Mary Kathryn Moss, representing Mr. & Mrs. Neville of 104 A Butler Avenue, <br />addressed Council on the issue of the Knipes property at 104 B Butler Avenue. Moss <br />said that because of a new ordinance that allows staff and /or the Planning Commission to <br />make a decision on certain variances that this never came before Council the second time. <br />The first time the when the Knipes wanted to move the demolish house and rebuild it 3 <br />feet off the property line, the Council denied their request. Moss said according to your <br />code of ordinances that only Council can grant a variance, there are not any plans in City <br />Hall in which to review the requests, will be putting other property in danger. Moss said <br />that the contractor said that the house would not handle the stress of moving, now he <br />states it is feasible. Moss said that Hughes was trying to explain that when there were <br />problems that it would come before the Planning Commission and City Council. Hughes <br />said that Harold Yellin was present to represent the Knipes. <br />Edith Thomas of 1707 Strand Unit 2 explained to Council about the break in at <br />the condos and that her unit was flooded and nothing is in there since April 30th. Thomas <br />said she met with the City Manager about stopping the water sewer bill and he said that <br />