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1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />@ @ITEM 2002 -11 -14 City Council Minutes <br />Mayor Walter W. Parker called the November 14, 2002 meeting to order. The <br />following members of Council were present: James Burke, Jack Youmans, Whitley <br />Reynolds, Walter Crawford, Jason Buelterman and Richard Barrow. City Attorney <br />Edward Hughes and City Manager Bob Thomson were also present. <br />Deacon F. Crider gave the invocation. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. <br />Mayor Parker asked James "Peewee" Ray, DPW laborer to come forward and be <br />recognized for his honesty and how much Tybee appreciated his actions. <br />Mayor Parker presented the oldest Council member with a deluxe spittoon telling <br />Youmans that we appreciates is wisdom, humor and are glad he is ours. <br />Judge Emory Bazemore addressed Council and told them thank you for last years <br />Santa's tent out front of City Hall. Bazemore said he would like the City Hall to be fully <br />decorated this year, maybe get the different choirs from the island to come and sing from <br />7:30 P.M. until 8:30 P.M. each night. Santa will be there from December 20th until the <br />24th. Parker told Bazemore that they have all been good little boys this year. Crawford <br />said that he will make a recommendation to form a Christmas Citizens Committee and <br />asked Bazemore if he would chair the committee. Bazemore answered yes, would be <br />happy to chair, we are all blest to live here. <br />Jimmy Williams presented Council with a petition from the Captain Row's <br />homeowners protesting the swapping of Hollywood dune crossover for the crossover at <br />the end of Van Horn. Parker said that this was discussed at the pre session and that <br />Council will take no action on decision that was made at the October meeting. A meeting <br />will be set up as soon as possible with members of Council, Captain's Row homeowners <br />and Lighthouse Point Condo Association. <br />Mallory Pearce addressed Council on the Weed and Rodent ordinance that is <br />before them tonight for a second reading. Pearce asked that Council reconsider, this is an <br />invasion of private property. A five -foot buffer would be all right. Also this ordinance <br />will be hard to enforce. Pearce explained about the different types of rats and where they <br />live. The Norway and Black rats infest human house and junk piles. Crawford asked if <br />Pearce was familiar with the City of Savannah ordinance on rank vegetation on <br />unattended lots. Pearce answered no, but Tybee needs to be very specific. Anne <br />Monaghan agreed with Pearce. <br />Betty Beeson said that she was present presenting the Tybee Beautification <br />Committee and they request that the City continue financial support for 2003 as they have <br />for 2002. An Anti -Litter campaign will be started in the spring with 10,000 disposal <br />bags. There will also be two beach sweeps scheduled in 2003. <br />Jack Boylston tanked Council for the support of Symphony by the Sea and said <br />that the DPW crew that helped put their hearts and soul into the event. <br />Henry Levy spoke to Council on the Park of the 7 Flags issue concerning <br />ownership of the vee section that Arby's says they own. Levy said that the City owns <br />that property and that he had personally spoke with all the owners in the area about he <br />park. <br />Rusty Fleetwood asked if the City had any improvement plans for the north beach <br />parking area. Parker said not at this time. Fleetwood would like to propose a long -range <br />