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1 <br />20090509 City Council Minutes including Work Session Notes <br />Georgia Power Officials & Introduction of Franchise Agreement: <br />Mayor and City Council met with Julian Pafford and Truitt Evans of Georgia Power. Mr. Evans <br />said there is a three year trimming cycle and the setback is Fifteen feet. He said most foresters are <br />certified arborist and there is a forester assigned to the office to work with the crew. If a tree is <br />damaged beyond repair they will replace it if needed. Mr. Pafford asked that addresses be recorded for <br />all complaints received so that they can address specific cases. <br />Councilman Brewer said there is interest in having the Infrastructure Committee look into <br />funding mechanisms for converting overhead lines to underground. He proposed looking at a schedule <br />to include doing just a few blocks at the time. Mr. Evans said it can be done but it is very expensive for <br />property owners and for the power company. <br />Councilman Wolff asked for a progress report on having the light shields installed and <br />completed. Mr. Pafford said Lithia Brett is another Georgia Power representative for Tybee and she has <br />been handling the shields. He said he will follow up with her to get an update on the installation of light <br />shields. <br />Mayor Buelterman asked how Tybee could illuminate the crosswalks to improve visibility at <br />night. Mr. Evans said Ga. Power can look at the existing lights to determine if they can move them for <br />improved visibility for the crosswalks. <br />Mr. Hughes introduced a new franchise agreement to council. Mr. Pafford said based on the <br />new franchise agreement they believe Ga. Power can relocate at least ten utility poles at their own cost. <br />Mr. Pafford said they would ask their Engineers to look at exploring underground utility lines <br />Janice Elliott, Insurance Information: <br />Speakers to address council were Frank Hardeman and Hunt Singer. Mr. Hardeman said Blue <br />Cross and Blue Shield has agreed to keep rates level in order to keep Tybee's business. <br />Janice Elliott said Shenandoah is in receivership so she is recommending moving to Guardian for <br />Disability and Dental. She said they are offering the same benefits with no questions asked. <br />Janice Elliott said Prudential came in with the better rate for our Life Insurance. She announced <br />an employee benefits fair on May 12th at the Cafeteria. <br />Janice Elliott asked City Council to consider allowing a flex spending account for employees. She <br />said it would save the city money because the amount chosen by employees would be deducted from <br />their pay prior to FICA being paid or taken out. She said there is a $500 set up fee. <br />Confidentiality of Accounts Payable Information: <br />Prepared 5/12/09vw Page 1 of 5 <br />