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DRAFT—DO NOT CITE OR CIRCULATE <br /> The Georgia Model Wind Ordinance Guide The Georgia Model Wind Ordinance was crafted <br /> for Local Governments: by the Georgia Wind Working Group to both <br /> Land Based Wind Installations encourage the responsible development of wind <br /> University of Georgia Land Use Clinic energy and protect local communities from <br /> potential improper siting or installation of wind <br /> Acknowledgements: energy. The process for developing a Model <br /> Wind Ordinance for Georgia included research <br /> The publication"The Georgia Model Wind and review of successful model wind ordinances <br /> Ordinance Guide for Local Governments: Land from other U.S. states and Canadian provinces, <br /> Based Wind Installations"was produced by the including other southeastern states. The Georgia <br /> University of Georgia Land Use Clinic (LUC) Wind Working Group gives special <br /> on request by the Georgia Wind Working acknowledgment to the following individuals for <br /> Group. It was prepared by Andrew Pinson. their extensive work on the model wind <br /> LUC Managing Attorney Jamie Baker Roskie ordinance: Teresa Eldredge,Mary Hallisey <br /> provided guidance and editing. Guide Hunt,Mary Carr Bendeck,Rita Kilpatrick, <br /> contributors and reviewers included Teresa Wayne Hildreth, Glenn Mauney, Paul Wolff, <br /> Eldredge of TJ Schell,Mary Hallisey Hunt of Chrissy Marlowe and Lydia Doyle. <br /> Georgia Tech's Strategic Energy Institute, and <br /> Mary Carr Bendeck,Rita Kilpatrick,Anna <br /> Cayce and Glenn Mauney of Southern Alliance These and other related activities of the Georgia <br /> for Clean Energy. Wind Working Group were made possible by <br /> funds from the U.S. Department of Energy's <br /> Graphic images courtesy of the National Wind Powering America Initiative and the <br /> Renewable Energy Laboratory and Anna Cayce Georgia Environmental Finance Authority. <br /> of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. <br />